Ritchie @RichYung23

21 Jan

Stage Name? Ritch Yung Da Hu$tla – Ritchie

What City & State are you Reppin? Lithonia, GA

Who are your Influences? Jay-z, Pimp-C, T.I., 8-Ball, Fugees, Naughty by Nature, & LL COOl J im being 100
When did you know you would become an artist? Around 2007, after my bra took me to the studio for the 1st time & when Felipe showed me how to form raps.

How would you describe your style of music? 1st & foremost it’s influential. I write lyrics to let listeners know that anything you want in life you can really have if you grind at it. Secondly, its playa for the ladies, because i really enjoy writing beautiful lyrics for them…lol

How is your music different from what we’ve been hearing lately? Well, i am diligently working at trying to bring real lyricism back, on the same hard beats that winning right now. I spent a lot of time in New Jersey growing up so thats where i learned the lyrical aspect of rap & the growing up in the A you learn this style of rap. I have what some might call a universal flow because of my versatility.
If there was anyone you could work with who would it be & why? I always wanted to work with pimp- c & i was out tryna get em this much money to do so…r.i.p. pimp he knows what i mean. Other than that i would work a few artist that are out & mainstream right now just to show where i am at lyrically with the competition my age. Mostly, i want to work with producers like DRE, 40, the runners, justice league, mike will, the big dogs…I will always work with who i started with though.

Who are some artists you’ve worked with in the past? Besides my crew, i am currently doing collabs with all the artist from my city who rep BMM like i do, & any other artist from my city thats not.

What should the fans expect? Creativity, consistency, style,

Websites to find your music? reverbnation.com/ritchyungdahustla

Personal Website? coming this year

Twitter? @ ritchyung23

Shout Outs? S/O my pops, r.i.p to my grandma, Esther & my family…S/O my team Major League Ent., my brothers at L4RProductions & BMM…Big ups to my brothers




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