Ambrie @ambrieee

5 Nov

Stage Name?

Ambrie/ Ambrie Billions

What City & State are you Reppin?
Los Angeles born and raised !

Who are your Influences?
My major influence is Michael Jackson because he gives me so much
motivation, I admire his perseverance.

When did you know you would become an artist?
I knew for a fact that I had no other aspirations than to sing since
I was about seven. I have always loved to perform and dance, although
I tried a lot of different things, sports, etc but I’ve always
passionately ended up preferring singing over anything else.

How would you describe your style of music?
I would say my style is very soft and edgy. I’m really picky when it
comes to beats, like I try not to be too gangsta but not too white
girl. I guess it’s something you can fall asleep to but also twerk to.

How is your music different from what we’ve been hearing lately?
My songs are a description of love and characteristics we commonly
feel. The last song I wrote, Timeless, is very dreamy and I tried to
create a song people can relate to, without being cliche lyric-wise.

If there was anyone you could work with who would it be & why?
I would be really excited if I could just work with The Dream because
I feel like he can relate to my style and his songwriting is amazing,
he really brings out the emotions.

Who are some artists you’ve worked with in the past?
I have a collaboration with J.E.T. who is a rapper under Def Jam.
Everything else I handle is a solo project, but I definitely want to
continue to expand my collaborations with other artists.

What should the fans expect?
Expect the music video to my single Timeless” in mid November. I am
also currently working on my first album which is due to be release
this month as well. Also more designs will be added to my clothing
line “Billions” soon!

Websites to find your music?
youtube: Ambrie – Timeless

Personal Website?




3 Responses to “Ambrie @ambrieee”

  1. Boo Williams November 5, 2012 at 11:03 am #

    looking 2 collab get at me

  2. Jay Space (@IamSpaceCity) November 8, 2012 at 7:56 am #

    Ambrie you should let her hear the song “I still give a care about cha” …Keep It up! anybody wanna mess with Texas checkout I like this blog btw to the owner.. email me at

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