Mr Matua @matua_bsm

3 Nov

Stage Name?
Mr.Matua aka Blacka Mane

What City & State are you Reppin?
Saint P, Russia

Who are your Influences?
Since i was 10 or 11 it was DMX & ONYX, I’m still bumpin’ them songs!

When did you know you would become an artist?
When I wrote my 1st song, I was about 12 I guess

How would you describe your style of music?
I always tryna be me at 1st & I always tryna put my life in my lyrics, it’s not about guns & drugs & girls & clubs, I spit what I feel & I feel what I live!

How is your music different from what we’ve been hearing lately?
I know it can sound silly now but I’m tryna bring it back to the streets & I ain’t got no love for these studio gangstas & all these fake rappers yellin’ like they’re so hard & rich! It ain’t about money, music is life & not them imaginations!

If there was anyone you could work with who would it be & why?
DMX, by any means! I really love this nigga & really love his music! If it’s about some of new school artists then it’s Waka Flocka Flame, this nigga got some heat!

Who are some artists you’ve worked with in the past?
It was alotta russian artists, but I prefer to work with foreign artists cos here’s no street music in Russia…

What should the fans expect?
I’m still me so they ain’t gotta expect any bad news from me like I lied in my lyrics. Also I’m on some projects with Brick Squad Monopoly artist, with JCE artist, and many more. Stay tuned!

Websites to find your music?

Personal Website?


Shout Outs
s/o to ALL my real niggas, to OG Mack Drama, to ma nigga SWORDZ, to ma big brother Bo Deal, to ma yungin’ stereoRYZE, to all my Brick Squad family!




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