1 Nov

Nina Foxx

I’m Repping Jersey City New Jersey Big Ups 2 Jerz & My Jersey Girlz

Im influenced by life i try to find inspiration in everything but Musically Queen Latifah Lauren Hill Missy Nas The Lox JayZ Remy Ma n the List goes on and on lol

I knew the first time I stepped on stage I was a nervous reck, shy, shaking n then i stepped on …. and after I did my thing the love I got from the crowd I just knew right then this is what I’m supposed to do

My style is a dose of reality mixed with having fun and story telling that’s something I miss from back in the days not to many artist do that now and to me that’s necessary

The sound I got that Hip Hop Boom Bap n I collab with producers from all over to ensure nothing sounds the same I don’t listen to the radio on purpose everything sounds the same

Missy She is just a musical genius and I know working with her will challenge me and help me grow n that’s all any artist could want

I Recently Opened for Fantasia At the “Truth is Concert” on the beautiful islands of Trinidad and It was truly a blessing she’s so loving and the people were so loving it was a awesome experience

They should expect me in a town near you lol It’s grind hard hustle harder and my goal is to get out and connect with the people introduce the world to Nina Foxx

You can find me on

Instagram @NinaFoxx
Twitter @DaRealHBIC201

S/0 To Jerz My HBIC Fam The UsGirls Team Undisputed 201 The Movement
S/0 to Da Homie Mek for Setting this Up Good Looking My G lol
And The Beautiful Melly Irish

Nina Foxx “Artist/Engineer”
CEO HBICMusicGroup




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