Jaye Cane @JayeCane

25 Oct

Stage Name?

Jaye Cane

What City & State are you Reppin?

I am From Milwaukee Wisconsin

Who are your Influences?

My influences are love, art, the worlds ups downs harships and joyous moments of life. my struggles and my strengths.

When did you know you would become an artist?

The day I saw that I had what It takes was 2004 Aug 9th The day my mother passed away.

How would you describe your style of music?

my style is all about the universe, astrology, passion, love, pain, happiness with a commercail appeal.

How is your music different from what we’ve been hearing lately?

well, it’s mostly how you deliever your words… my voice from what ive been told has an impact on people around the world. which allows me to get across to people. which keeps them interested in what im trying to teach or tell them. It boils down to making the world feel the way you do on each song you create or to relate.

If there was anyone you could work with who would it be & why?

I would love to work with Akon, Rico Love and Kanye West .. Akon because his voice on hooks are believeable for the stories I have to tell about pain and parties. Rico love because he is a great artist and song writer from my city milwaukee it would be great to work with someone that is great and from the same place, and Kanye west because I feel he lyrically relate to me in so many ways or creative abilities are almost identical… everyone compares me to his way of being creative and the passion in my voice on every record I create.

Who are some artists you’ve worked with in the past?

well the only major artist i’ve worked with so far is Hal Linton on a song called “Last One” it’s a beautiful record the world will love it. it will be a video soon.

What should the fans expect?

Working on the EP the title called “Frozen summer” which sould be out in stores around second QT of 2013 also releasing a mixtape called “GO” in a few weeks you can catch that on DatPiff.com, LiveMixtapes and over 100 blogsites that will be helping with promotions on a national and international basis. also releasing a video for the record I wrote called “I’m a King” november 22nd which is off of the EP Frozen summer.

Websites to find your music? http://soundcloud.com/jayecaneworld http://hotnewhiphop.com/jayecanemusicworld
Personal Website? http://jayecane.blogspot.com
Twitter http://twitter.com/jayecane
Shout Outs to my team Canegang, gogirlz, my supporters, my city, and all of the radios, blogs and magazines pushing my vision and dream to higher levels. Thank God.




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