Artist Spotlight: Cannon (@CannonOnDeck)

6 May

What city and State are you reppin?

Brooklyn Ny grew up in Atlanta Ga

Who are your influences?

Some of my influences from day 1 in dis music game Outkast , Bone Thugs n Harmony , 8ball n MJG , Mystikal , SnoopDogg, Jayz

When did you know you would become an artist?

I knew I would become a ceo/artist for real after I bought a studio…I drop’d 3gs n didn’t know how to work shit on it…den I learned pro tools and got better rap’n so I took it more serious …then I ended up freestyle’n on stage at a PROLINE car show … spur uh da moment shit in front of a couple hundred people and they was feelin it and I was hookd after that ….

How is your music different from what we’ve been hearing?

My music is different from what u’ve been hearing cuz its comin from a different angle than most …my music isnt closed to one style or sound …I think bein able to flow on any type of beat alows me to get on a wider range of songs than most artist but I don’t loose the substance or lyrics. I’m L ways bringin a lil of both n still paint a vivid picture at the same time (Check out Da Art of Story Tellin of my Mixtape)

How would you describe your style of music?

My style of music is Live Shit you could Live to.. Somethin to smoke to ride to fuck to Get money to whatever… Depending on how I’m feelin that’s what u gon feel From Pop’n bottles to bein broke n strugle’n to get back on …u gon feel my shit cuz if u goin thru it or went thru it u gon relate to the shit I’m sayin …Period

If there was anyone you could work with who would it be and why?

Honestly, I wanna work wit anybody who respect what I do and has da respect of da niggas round em…If u Get’n 2 it and tryn to better ur self n da people around u aye I’m doin dat same shit Fuck wit da Movement …

Who are some artists you’ve worked in the past?

I’ve haven’t really worked with any artist outside of my LINK$ niggas Bugz G$ Wi$e n Afrika for the most part but I’m bout to get a lot of up n commin talent on dis next project

What’s in the future for you ,what should the fans expect?

Shiit Expect bigger n better things Check dat out “COD:Cash On Delivery” mixtape on Datpiff New Music Videos commin asap, New music I’m workin on a new project right now and defiantly stay tuned for dis new web series I got commin #CODTv sum to inspire da youth n people tryn to become successful thru your favorite artist producers models writers etc….own life experiences

Websites to find your music?

Check me out DL dat CODmixtape on >

Personal Website?

Da Website is still Get’n Better every day …Stay tuned



Shout Outs

$/O 2 Mellisa Irish L ways get’n 2 it stay’n consistent wit it since I met u

$/O 2 Kraze(@AllAccessDvd) n Viv from

n $/O 2 all my Gz n Ladies Get’n 2 it BkNy 2 AtL B$P


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