Artist Spotlight: Emma Fross

19 Mar

What City & State are you reppin?
Tha Boogie Down Bronx is where this LadyBoss is from.

Who are your influences?
Some of my influence come from tha 90’s era in which I grew up on, family struggles, man problems, & personal experiences.

When did you know you would become an Artist?
I always knew I wanted to travel the world to be on stage & perform in huge arenas since I was shy little girl dancing. Now it’s a blessing to incorporate dance with my rap career.

How is your music different from what we’ve been hearing?
My music is different because they didn’t taste this Cake yet!! :-b

How would you describe your style of music?
My style of music is WET !!!

If there was any other artist you can work with who would it be & why?
I would love to have work with TLC. They are the reason I’m able to classify myself as Crazy, Sexy, Cool. They taught me sooo much. Love those girls.

Who are some artists you’ve worked with in the past?
Some artists I’ve worked with in the past was Max B, Ron Browz, Tone Trump & Reed Dollaz as of recently just to name a few. I was featured in the 4th year anniversary issue of Straight Stuntin Magazine- 2 page spread!! & got 2 singles aired on Hot 97!!

What’s in the future for you,what should the fans expect?
My future lies in my actions I take now, so best believe I’m makin major moves & to the top is where I’m striving, that BerriLife is what I’m living!! I’m so excited to release my first mixtape/album & DVD titled “Icing On Tha Cake”, so all my fans & ride2dies can expect that in late March.

Websites to find your music?
Check out my videos on YouTube, VladTV, like my FaceBook page MsEmmaFross, follow me on twitter @MsEmmaFross !!

Shoutout to P. Smirks of LadyBosses, Skitsz & Pebbsz of LadyBosses, RIP to Anna, Pesos, my BerriFam 950 Plus, Gito ALB, Dj KaySlay, Petter Pork, & everybody that’s been grinding wit me & supporting me!! Hugz & Hershey Kissesz!!! Salute.


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