Danna @D_A_DoubleN_A-

5 Mar

What city and State are you reppin?
Y. O. (( Yonkers

Who are your influences?
Lil Wayne, Eminem, DMX, NWA, Kanye West, Drake

When did you know you would become an artist?
Well At Age 9 I Knew I Wanted To Become An Artist And At Age 14 I Made That Promise To Myself That I Will Be An Successful Artist I’m Still A Rapper Right Now I Have A Long Way To Go Till I Become An Artist

How is your music different from what we’ve been hearing?
I Feel Personally My Music Is Different Because Although My Songs May Sound Regular My Lyrics Are Different It’s Not So Much Of The Music Itself Alot Of Rappers My Age Are Into The More Gangster Rap Where As Me I Speak What’s Real You Know…I Speak My Life Every Line I Say Is About Someone Or Something I Either Have A History With Or I’m Going Through It In The Process I Can’t Be Fake I Mean If You Gone Do It Why Not Do It Foreal

How would you describe your style of music?
I Would Say It’s Like A New School Version Of All The Old School Lyrical Rappers And When I Say Lyrical I Mean Eminem, NWA, DMX, Jay-Z, LL Cool J You Know Those Rappers But In One Only With That D. A. N. N. A. Spin On It Lol

If there was anyone you could work with who would it be and why?
Oh, I Would Love To Work With Lil Wayne Of Course, J. Cole, Drake, Wale, Rick Ross I Got A Bunch I Said Those Few Cause There All Just So Different Man Like They All Have There Own Style When It Comes To This Music And That’s What I Love Most About Rap Now Although There Are Alot Of Rappers Who Don’t Deserve That 5 Million They’re Worth They Have Creativity And That’s What’s Important Taking Your Song To A Whole Different Level From Just Rapping

Who are some artists you’ve worked in the past?
Well If You’re Talking Industry None But I Have Tracks With My Bro Meek My Big Homies Don, And Drew, And Ma Homeboys Mack, And Dolla

What’s in the future for you ,what should the fans expect?
A Young Boy On The Come Up That’s All I’m Coming For Rappers In The Industry Spots Like I’m Coming To Change The Game So You So Called ” Rappeeerrrs ” Yea Get Your Ish Together Before It’s Too Late But As For The Fans Just Expect Good Music From The Heart Man Music U Can Really Vibe To

Websites to find your music?

Personal Website?



Shout Outs!!!
Lo-Hill Man It’s Too Much Of Ya Lol But Free Hell Rell, Scheme, Piggity, Jon J R. I. P. Tay, Nas, Kash, My Bro Lotto Quiet Riot We On The Way Man Holla Atchya Dolla!!!


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