Artist Spotlight Krome(@GmmKrome)

27 Feb
Melissa Irish: What city and State are you reppin?
Brooklyn Ny Canarsie
Melissa Irish: Who are your influences?
Biggie, Jay-Z, 2Pac ,Stack Bundles, Dmx , Bone Thugs N Harmony just to name a few
Melissa Irish: When did you know you would become an artist?
Since i fell in love with music
Melissa Irish: How is your music different from what we’ve been hearing?
My music is different because i can jump into any lane, Touch all topics and bringing the people a different authentic sound a side of Brooklyn NY that’s has yet to be heard (Canarsie)
Melissa Irish: How would you describe your style of music?
Real street, with a party vibe but still on a personal level. i like to bring my listeners in my home
Melissa Irish: If there was anyone you could work with who would it be and why?
Kanye West , Because he’s a artist that’s full of ideas whens he’s both writing and making beats. Im sure that would be a epic situation with that callab
Melissa Irish: Who are some artists you’ve worked in the past?
Upcoming Artist such as Villa Nova, Flawless,inf,forbidden, Jay Holla, Teti the producer, chas edwards the producer, zone,murda ace, shotgun chells, r hotta, j man. also Jamaican artist harry toddler, round head, just to name a few
Melissa Irish: What’s in the future for you ,what should the fans expect?
I have my second solo mixtape about to drop called “Enough Said”. They can expect more videos a large amount of music and mixtape projects. you can also look for my label “Gmm records” aka Double Up Gang. My artist and project coming from them search “Krome”,“Breathe Money Bleed Muzik”

Melissa Irish: Websites to find your music? & producers send beats to kromegmm@yahoo.comMelissa Irish: Personal Website?
Melissa Irish: Twitter?

Melissa Irish: Shout Outs!!!

Shout out to my family friends & supporters. Brooklyn Ny Canarsie my whole Gmm Double Up Gang Family Salute Double up or nothing! Rome DMoney forbidden Inf kj Melissa Irish etc! My twitter fam thax for all your support

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