Artist Spotlight: 100PERCENT% (@100ENY)

10 Feb

What city and State are you reppin?
The East New York section of Brooklyn. Got it tatted and all lol.

Who are your influences?
Most of my influences don’t come from mainstream artists at this point. I draw from experiences, my upbringing, and artists that most people haven’t ever heard of.

When did you know you would become an artist?
I knew I would become an artist when I was about 20 and the conversations people were having about me shifted from them comparing me to people in the hood to them comparing me to mainstream artists. I feel like when people started putting me on a pedestal that’s when I came to the realization that I can do this for real. The amount of attention I was receiving whether it was love or hate made me feel like the sky was the limit. I also have to thank a lot of my big homeys who put me under the wing and let me soak up game from them.

How is your music different from what we’ve been hearing?
My music is different because of the fact that it’s extremely personal and I make sure that people can relate and understand me. I feel like a lot of artists lose fans when they try to go out of their way to be too lyrical or over saturate their bars with complex metaphors and punchlines that go over the heads of the general public. I make music to reach as many people as possible and explain my story in a way that gets me heard.

How would you describe your style of music?
I find it hard to put myself in a box and describe my style. I’m a complex person with different sides and that shows in my music.

If there was anyone you could work with who would it be and why?
J. Cole, Babyface, Skylar Grey, Max B, anyone from TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment), and Nate Dogg if he was alive. I feel like I would make hits with those people.

Who are some artists you’ve worked in the past?  I’ve worked w/ Tone Trump on this joint that’s on my new mixtape that’s coming out called God Bless The Haters. My new mixtape will also feature Math Hoffa and a few people from my E-Way/ Y.E.M.G. camp.

What’s in the future for you ,what should the fans expect?
The fans can expect to see me do a lot more than just making music. I’ll be doing photography, directing music videos, and I just started writing for Dopeness Magazine.

As far as my own personal music, I’ll be incorporating all my skills into furthering my own career. This game is all about being self sufficient so I plan on making a great deal of moves this year on my own. My new mixtape God Bless The Haters is dropping in May and I’m going to do a lot visually to promote it.

Websites to find your music?,, several radio websites, etc.

Personal Website?

Twitter? @100ENY

Shout Outs!!!
Shout out to you 1st and foremost, my team E-Way Gang/ Y.E.M.G. (Young Enterprise Music Group), my engineer and mentor Steve Francis from Stush Music, and everybody who plays a part in me making hits and who make moves with me. It’s all love!


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